Aligning with Autumn: Healing Energy Workshop On The Harvest Moon

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) 123 4th Ave FL3, New York, NY

Coming off of the high energy of summer can be challenging. It’s a time to prioritize, regroup and re-tune. What’s in store for fall is: a slower pace, darkness chasing the light and a cooler spectrum of energetic frequencies.

Autumn is a season of great beauty and also of decline. The days grow shorter and the summer’s abundance fades. Seeds take flight upon the winds and scatter to later awaken as new growth next spring. It is a paradoxical time for seeding, covering over and allowing decay.

We will explore gentle movement, mindful breath, guided visualizations and energetic attunements to honor the beginning of fall on the Harvest Moon. With practical exercises that will address physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic realms, we aim to align: heart – mind – body – being. We invite you to let go of distractions, find focus and set clear intentions with the power of autumn.


The Grace of Gratitude — Healing Energy Workshop

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) 123 4th Ave FL3, New York, NY

With the hubbub of grocery lists, travel plans, the excitement of seeing family and friends, or bracing to tolerate yet another familial get-together during Thanksgiving, sometimes the spirit of the holiday can get lost in the shuffle.

The act of giving is a natural impulse that can dissolve differences, mend (spoken and unspoken) misunderstandings and fuel connection. With an unarmored heart, the grace of gratitude emerges in each of us quite easily.

To reconnect with this quality, we will explore gentle movement, mindful breath work and awareness exercises along with energetic attunements to prepare you for the Thanksgiving holiday ahead. We aim for you to move through your holiday gatherings feeling centered, balanced and embodying your innate graciousness.


Igniting Intentions: New Year & New Moon Energy Workshop

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) 123 4th Ave FL3, New York, NY

After the frenzy of the holidays and bringing the year to a close, ringing in the New Year with yet more to-do lists of resolutions and commitments can be daunting. Many at this time of year feel overwhelmed and depleted.

On the first New Moon of 2016, we invite you to connect with your innate wisdom and innermost yearnings. Using mindfulness exercises of visualization, breath, gentle movement and subtle energy, we will explore and activate intentions in alignment with physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic realms. We aim to create a healing space in which you tune into clarity, intuition and vision to embrace the New Year.


Spring Equinox Group Healing

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) 123 4th Ave FL3, New York, NY

AWAKENING BALANCE – A three-part series Part 1: Rejuvenating Body-Mind With Reiki Master Nathalie Jaspar & Holistic Practitioner Michele Kong SPRING EQUINOX GROUP HEALING MARCH 20, 2016 from 5-6:30pm With the arrival of the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, we are offering the first in a three-part series Awakening Balance. The first stirrings of spring are underfoot. This can be […]