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Enlight ACIM Festival Oct 1 – 8, 2017 in Ibiza, Spain

September 30, 2017 - October 1, 2017

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An event every day that begins at 8:00 pm, repeating until October 8, 2017

Cala Llenya Resort Ibiza

Join CRS ACIM teachers Yasuko Kasaki and Christopher Pelham and Course teachers from nine countries at this unique 8-Day Festival Celebration of A Course in Miracles from Oct 1 – 8, 2017 at an all-inclusive beach resort on the Spanish island of Ibiza, a Mediterranean paradise!

Festival tickets, including all food and accommodations, are from 899 – 1,450 euros depending on room type. Be sure to mention code holyswan2017!  If you have any questions or problems registering, please feel free to contact CRS for assistance.

Buy your Festival Ticket now! On the registration form, where it asks, “Are you part of a group or travelling by yourself?” be sure to write holyswan2017! This will let the festival know you are part of the Yasuko Kasaki / CRS group

This Festival aims to be an immersive, life-changing experience of bringing and sharing the light within and saying YES! to life as a continuous celebration of healed relationships and joining hearts. Ibiza symbolizes the loving joining of many who have come from faraway places to renounce differences and join for the better good. By day we study and practice ACIM with many teachers. AT NIGHT, AFTER DINNER, WE WILL COME TOGETHER  to share the impressions of the day, laugh, hug and once more… celebrate with our performances!

Enlight Festival 2017beach




We call the Festival’s program Spirit’s Plan, because we trust that we will be Guided to a joyful and loving, heart-expanding experience throughout the activities that we have been called to bring together. Our program is structured in a Community-style atmosphere where messengers and participants together as one, collaborating to make all the activities work together for good. Don’t forget to sign up for the Volunteering Activities and get to know True Ibiza.

 Each Teacher (we call them Messengers) will be sharing 90-minute talks in the form of spontaneous Satsangs (Q&A)and Conference style Talks.

Three-Hour Enlight Workshops will provide opportunities to go deeper and experience a ‘here and now’ transformation.

Volunteering. We will dedicate a whole day to discovering Ibiza and its people by offering the participants the opportunity to ‘Shine their Light’ by being supportive of an Ibiza community initiative. You can sign up at the Festival. This is an optional activity.

WE BEGIN on Sunday 1 October, 2017
15:00 – 18:00  Arrivals & Finalizing Registrations
18:00 – 20:00  Opening with Carolina, Steve & the rest of the Enlight Team
20:00 – 21:30  Dinner & Joining, Hugs, Coffee & Tea
21:00 – 23:00  Opening of the Hearts, Group IntroDanza In Support of the Teachings of ACIM

FESTIVAL ENDS on Sunday 8 October, 2017
09:00 – 11:00  Breakfast & Resting, Sharing, Coffee, Tea & Snacks
11:00 – 14:00  Ibiza Enlight Connection   l   All the Messengers & All the Participants
14:00 – 17:00  Lunch & Rest, Join, Swim, Hug, Pack & Good Byes

Evening Activities

At night, after dinner, we will come together to share the impressions of the day, laugh, hug and once more… celebrate. Each night will bring a particular quality to our experience as a celebration of our joint purpose to be happy in gratitude for all the gifts received.

Sunday 1 Oct. – 9:30pm The Opening of the Hearts
Welcome! A gentle heart-opening musical joining with IntroDanza.

Opening of the Hearts

Monday 2 Oct. – 9:30pm Gentleness Concert
Inspired musicians will bring their music and talent in a shared concert.

Gentleness Concert

Tuesday 3 Oct. – 9:30pm Ibiza’s Spirit
The peoples of Ibiza show us their talent, blessings and amazing qualities.

Ibiza's Spirit

Wednesday 4 Oct. – 9:30pm 70’s/80’s Flower Power Celebration
One of Ibiza’s old traditions is still alive and thriving. This Hippy Party is great fun with music & costumes resulting into a carefree, non-judgmental, celebration of tinted specs, floral shirts, peace, love and unity. Festival will provide the little extras to make your costume great fun.

Flower Power

Thursday 5 Oct. – 9:30 True Ibiza
Another night with the peoples of Ibiza showing us their talent and their blessings.

True Ibiza

Friday 6 Oct. – 9:30pm Open Stage
Tonight is the night we want to see YOU in all your glory! We want to experience your Enlight talent, singing, dancing, telling jokes, playing an instrument, whatever. Share it all with us and maybe as groups as well.

Open Stage

Saturday 7 Oct. – 9:30pm The Last Night …  in White
This is our Night in White, very Ibicencan style. We all dress in White to just join in the style of the island. We will have a bit of live music and our very own DJ. Bring your camera. It will be a night to remember!

Night in White


Carolina Corada (Venezuela, Ibiza)

Carolina CoradaCarolina is modern-day mystic. After discovering A Course in Miracles in 1990 and throughout the next 15 years, she has become in one of the international well-known Course teachers in the Spanish-speaking world. She offers her teachings in conferences, workshops, regular sessions and with her self-inquiry method IntroDanza. Carolina’s honest healing impulse has touched the hearts of over 8,000 men, women and children at an international scale in Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, UK, USA, Mexico and Brazil in her talks, retreats, conferences, charities, rehab centres, international companies and through the creation and organization of the first international festival for A Course in Miracles, the Ibiza Enlight Festival, where teachers and students celebrate together. Carolina visited and taught at CRS in 2016.

Rosa Claudia Gómez “Cacaya” (Colombia, USA)

Cacaya“Life has given me wonderful gifts and talents. Since childhood I felt inclined to the arts until I finally became an artist and a teacher. Painful and difficult lessons I received and thanks to the work I’ve been doing with A Course in Miracles and Ho’oponopono — this work allowing me to clean the lens through which I see life — today I have been able to transform painting into a space of spontaneous expression that blooms from within with the absolute certainty that it is not ‘me’ who paints, but my hands being used as an instrument for God’s creation. When I began teaching the visually impaired, I understood more what the “spiritual cleansing” meant, and as I went deeper within, images reached me about how would it be to Paint with my eyes closed. Each painting becomes a unique moment in which her intention is to connect with those with whom false beliefs and painful memories are shared, so that these can be consciously or unconsciously released together. “If I am healed, we all heal. If you are healed, all of us are.”

Efrat Sar-Shalom (Israel)

Efrat Sar-ShalomIn 1987 Efrat started studying the Course with Avi. She was convinced that the lessons were written especially for her. She began to teach the Course at the same time that Avi was translating the Course with Ruth Yasur. Ruth and Efrat would go over the translation in Hebrew and compare it with the English. Then Seffi Hanegbi and Efrat met in the year 2000. After they talked of God and the desert and peace work, they decided to create a centre for love and peace in the Judean desert in the spirit of A Course in Miracles. The name “Zman Midbar,” came immediately to their minds. Later, while Seffi worked on peace activities and journeys through the desert, Efrat taught A Course in Miracles whose essence is peace, and held resolution workshops between Arab and Jewish women. In 2009, Efrat published Peace-Salaam-Shalom, a book featuring quotations from A Course in Miracles about peace in Hebrew, English and Arabic. This is the first time ever that an Arabic reader can read (in Arabic) the ideas of the Course.

José Luís Molina (Madrid, Spain)

José Luís Molina“I am the president of the Aurora Association for the Awakening (Asociación Aurora para el Despertar) conceived to extend A Course in Miracles. I am a student of more than 20 yrs. and follower of Rosa Mª Wynn, translator of the Spanish text. Five years ago I abandoned my profession to dedicate myself entirely to studying the Course. I started with a Study Group in Madrid; now there are three. I regularly visit about 10 groups around Spain and have also offered workshops in Switzerland and Venezuela. My written work includes several books about the Course including Chronicles from Japan (Crónica desde Jabón).

Luis Falçao (South Africa)

Luis Lu was born a mystic and as young boy, he often conversed with Jesus and believed (regardless of what others tried to teach him) that there was more to the world than meets the eye. On the 10th November 2011, Lu experienced thirty days of Divine Revelations and in those thirty days he read the whole text of A Course in Miracles. The next day he started teaching as if he had done so his whole life. Lu has since then dedicated his life and voice to the Voice for God in the dream of illusions. Lu works as a CEO of a large multi-national company where he helps his employees, colleagues and clients give up the idea of sacrifice and scarcity, and to surrender to God the “fear of lack”. As a Teacher for God “disguised” as business leader, Lu helps all he meets in the “business world” develop a deeper sense of self-awareness, Christ Consciousness, and the Atonement with God.

Michel Gaymard (Mexico)

Michel GaymardMichel Gaymard began his journey of learning and practicing through A Course in Miracles in 2008. When he finished his studies within a group located in the Roma Colonia neighborhood of Mexico city in 2009, he began teaching sessions based on the book, in prisons and hospitals, and later went on to open study groups in several places of the city. Michel later hosted an online radio program and then an online TV program based on the Course on canalG.com. He was then invited to teach in Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. Paraguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Italy, Austria and Panamá will be the destinations for 2017 as well as Ibiza and the Enlight Festival. Michel Gaymard has a YouTube channel with over 900 videos and is known for teaching in a fun and entertaining way inspired by his training in the performing arts and comedy.

Patricia Besada (Argentina)

Patricia BesadaPatricia is one of the founders of “Milagros en Red” (Miracles on the web), a center for the study of A Course In Miracles that since 2001 offers learning resources for all Spanish speaking students. She also manages the website for “Milagros en Red,” a site that has been visited by thousands and thousands of students coming from all parts in Latin America. This site also offers teaching materials from more than 25 different authors, who gave her permission to translate them and make them freely available to the Spanish speaking ACIM community. She also participated in the International ACIM conferences held in Los Angeles (2003) and Salt Lake City (2005). She was one of the translation reviewers for Gary Renard’s book that became a milestone for all ACIM students: The Disappearance of the Universe. Her translation work has also spanned the works of Jon Mundy’s Discovering A Course in Miracles and Accept the Gift by Doctors Frances Vaughn and Roger Walsh. She is the director of the book collection “De los Milagros,” where she has published Inspired by Miracles by Dan Joseph and the second edition of Discovering A Course in Miracles, an exclusive edition for the Latin American market. In June, 2013 she published her first book, The Book of Miracles. Currently she teachers the Course in various important cities in Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Chile.

Steve Thompson (UK, Ibiza)

Steve ThompsonSteve became interested in spirituality after experiencing a Tony Robbins event called “Unleash the Power Within” in 2007. A whole new world opened up before him:  Reiki, Quantum Physics, NLP and Eastern philosophies. It was in London, 2008 When Steve was presented with The Disappearance of the Universe and A Course in Miracles. Since then, his book has remained open. Steve has attended many ACIM gatherings and talks within the UK, Australia, Denmark, Hawaii, USA and Ireland with teachers and students. He has been running a successful Facebook Group called True Love & Forgiveness based on ACIM for the past 8 years. He says he began his honest transformation upon his arrival to Ibiza where he started with Carolina, the co-organization of the Enlight Festival.

Yasuko Kasaki (NYC, Japan)

Yasuko KasakiYasuko Kasaki is an internationally beloved spiritual writer, counselor, healer, lecturer and translator from Tokyo. She is widely recognized as the person most responsible for the spread of A Course in Miracles throughout Japan. In 2004 she founded CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing), the first and only spiritual center devoted to the teaching and practice of A Course in Miracles in New York City. She has taught and worked with thousands of people from around the world to help resolve their mental and physical issues and witness miracles. She presents at the CMC’s annual ACIM Conferences in the U.S., and several times a year she gives large seminars throughout Japan. Yasuko has authored 15 of books in Japanese about the Course, as well as numerous novels, short stories, essays and collections of photographs. Her translations of the ACIM Workbook and of books by Course teachers Jon Mundy, Gabrielle Bernstein and David Hoffmeister have also been published in Japan. Yasuko’s spiritual writing and lectures are celebrated for their clearly stated explanations of complex concepts illustrated by captivating personal stories of struggle and triumph, drawn from her long career as a writer, motorcyclist, and spiritual counselor.

Xavi Demelo (Barcelona, Spain)

Xavi DemeloXavi’s Journey with A Course in Miracles began in Argentina, in 2004. He was there to present a theater play as an author. His background is found in the world of the performing arts where he has been an author, a story teller, an actor, an entertainer, and a stand-up comedian. In 2008, whilst participating in a yoga festival, he bought the book and began the lessons. He is currently dedicated to online training although he does occasionally offer workshops in person. He has created an online school called “Academia Nos Gustamos” (We like ourselves Academy), which is comprised of six monographic courses, one online workshop, Miracles Workers, and an online membership club called “Nos Gustamos” (We like ourselves). He has students in every Spanish-speaking country and is very grateful for this to the Holy Spirit.​ He loves public speaking as much as writing. He has published eight books and has another eight already written and waiting to be published. He uses quite a bit of humor in his communication and in the transmission of The Course. Thus he defines himself as a “therapeutic humorist.” (His editor came up with this expression and he loves it.)​


IN 2017, OUR DWELLING WILL BE THE HOTEL CALA LlENYA RESORT IBIZA. Ibiza might be world famous for being ‘a party island’ but the Enlight Festivals Team have found in this very small and beautiful Mediterranean island off the coast of Spain, the gentle quietness of a land receptive to Love Unconditional. Read more….

YouTube player

This 4 star Resort is designed so that we will immediately feel as a family. All rooms have easy access to our pools and gardens as well as to our main meeting halls and the Main Tent located on the hotel’s tennis court. We offer rooms to host 1, 2 and 3 people sharing for the lowest budget. All accommodation is provided with air conditioning, Satellite TV, Telephone & Internet. NEW! If enough people register, then the the entire resort will be occupied by the Festival, with no outsiders present.

Your room will be provided with clean bedding and a shower towels per person. There is no need to bring a beach towel. There is Room Service and Laundry Service as well.


Upon sending us your Registration Form, please tell us if you are coming with friends to share accommodation so we can book you together. Let us know as much about you as you feel we need to know so your stay with us is a happy joyful one.

Buy your Festival Ticket now! On the registration form, where it asks, “Are you part of a group or travelling by yourself?” be sure to write holyswan2017! This will let the festival know you are part of the Yasuko Kasaki / CRS group.




If you have any questions or problems registering, please feel free to contact CRS for assistance.


These are Full Festival Celebration Packages, 8 days and 7 nights. Availability only for Full Festival participation.

Very comfortable Suite with 2 independent rooms, Living Room with
1 Sofa Bed, 2 full bathrooms, terrace or garden.
Total Price per Person in ALL INCLUSIVE:  980€
EARLY BIRD Price (until 1st APRIL): 899€

Super comfortable Junior Suite with a living room with a superb sofa bed,
plus one independent room, 1 bathroom, terrace or garden.
Total Price per Person in ALL INCLUSIVE: 1.180€
EARLY BIRD Price (until 1st APRIL): 1.099€

Very comfortable Single Room with a Queen Bed, 1 bathroom, terrace or garden.
Some rooms have an additional sofa. Ideal for a couple
Total Price per Person in ALL INCLUSIVE: 1.450€
EARLY BIRD Price (until 1st APRIL): 1.350€

You can confirm your BOOKING with a 400€ deposit.

Buy your Festival Ticket now! On the registration form, where it asks, “Are you part of a group or travelling by yourself?” be sure to write holyswan2017! This will let the festival know you are part of the Yasuko Kasaki / CRS group.If you have any questions or problems registering, please feel free to contact CRS for assistance. 


Remember to bring:

  • Long-sleeved, comfortable clothing for yoga and a warm anorak or sweatshirt as the mornings & evenings will probably be a little chilly.

  • If you can, bring your yoga mat and cushion, which will also be useful during relaxation, meditation, and during the conferences, workshops and satsangs.

  • Swimwear & footwear for rocky beaches and walking.

  • A beach towel will also be useful.

  • You might also need sun & mosquito protection.

  • A white outfit for ‘The Night In White’

  • A ‘Hippy’ garment for the ‘Flower Power’ Night 🙂

Designated smoking areas will be available.
This is an alcohol/drugs free Festival.


We are constantly discovering new ways for our participants to enjoy delicious meals.  This Buffet will cater for most palates. If you have food restrictions, please let us know.

The Resort’s buffet restaurant serves a wide choice of international dishes. It features a “show cooking” area  where our participants will be able to decide what to eat from a wide selection of vegetables, freshly made pasta, meat and / or fish.

It also has a cold dishes and salads section ideal for the summer and an area with a variety of desserts (ice cream, fruit, yoghurts and cakes).  “All you can eat” buffet meals will be included in your Celebration Packages.

Poolside Café for Drinks & Snacks 

There is a ‘Poolside Cafe & Snack Bar’ within the pool and gardens area. It is run by the resort, and its goodies are part of our ALL INCLUSIVE Celebration Package. All kinds of drinks are served from 10am until 11pm. Snacks like Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Chips, ice creams and others are offered.  Extras are available also, to be paid on demand.


The Hotel Cala Llenya Resort Ibiza is located in the Cala Llenya neighbourhood, in the Santa Eularia des Rio District, in the northern part of Ibiza: an area of great beauty, beaches of fine sand and where calmness and peace of mind reign.

Our address is:
Parroquia San Carlos, S/N, 07840 Cala Llenya, Illes Balears

Resort’s Phone: +34 971 335 246 / + 34 971 335 191

The easiest way to come from the airport is by taxi. It might cost around 45€. We suggest you take a shared taxi scheme. Ask us.

map of Ibiza

BY CAR – Total time = 35min : 

Access from the airport / Ibiza is very simple. You take the PM- 801 road to Eivissa (Ibiza) and continue towards Santa Eulalia. Then continue to San Carlos and once in San Carlos follow the signs to Cala Lenya. You will not get lost.  There are plenty of signs!

Airport Sharing 

We will send the Airport Taxi Sharing option closer to the time of travel to all registered participants. Shared taxis will make it cheaper to the Port of San Miguel.

Useful links

Click here for Google maps page

Car Hire: www.ibiza-spotlight.com/carhire_i.htm
Excursions: www.ibiza-spotlight.com/guide/excursions_i.htm


I fully understand and accept that

–  I confirm that I am in good health and I am responsible for any prescribed medication that I may be taking.

–  The Festival will not be held responsible for my health. If I have any minor health issues, I am responsible for my own state of wellbeing and medication.

–  The Festival will not be held responsible for any of my health issues during my stay at the Festival. I will inform the Festival’s organization of any important health matters. I have my own personal health insurance policy.

–  I accept that the Ibiza Enlight Festival is a drug-free|alcohol free event. I will not bring or consume alcohol or drugs during this Festival, unless they are prescribed by a doctor.

–  As an Ibiza Enlight Participant, I grant permission to Festival Management to utilize my image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, film, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the Event in any medium or context for any purpose, including commercial or promotional purposes, without further authorization or compensation. Those attending, including myself, give their consent to their appearance in images recorded by any type of medium for subsequent informative, promotional and/or commercial dissemination of the Ibiza Enlight Festival and authorize for the use thereof. The said images may appear in any medium or format worldwide and indefinitely. For further information on General Rules and Regulations, please contact the Festival Staff directly on the Contact Page.

–  In case I decide not to participate in the Festival, I understand the Festival Organization will retain 50% of whatever payment I have made. Refunds will be paid after the Festival has ended.

–  The organization will not be responsible for my stay before or after the Festival.

–  The Festival Organization is not responsible for any lost articles.

As a Festival Participant, I agree to all of the above. By purchasing my Ibiza Enlight Festival Ticket I accept the following Terms, Conditions and Waivers. I accept that as an Ibiza Enlight Festival Participant I grant the organizers the right to use my image/likeness as captured on film, video or any other electronic medium being utilized at the event, and I further understand that such images will likely be used to promote future events.


September 30, 2017
October 1, 2017
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