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Sufi Dance, Music, Poetry, and Art with Läle Sayoko


CRS invites you to explore Sufi Dance (Sama), music, poetry (made famous by the poet Rumi), visual art and philosophy under the direction of CRS Resident Sufi Dance Artist Läle Sayoko. Our purpose is to use each of these forms as a vehicle for inner journeying, to meet and share our true selves and experience oneness with the Divine.

About Sufi Dance Artist Läle Sayoko

Läle Sayoko lives to embody and transmit the voice of spirit through music and dance. As CRS Resident Sufi Dance instructor, choreographer, performing artist, and musical curator, she loves to welcome people into this holy practice to explore and share their own divinity. She intermittently tours internationally with BELLA GAIA, a live concert blending music, dance, technology, and NASA satellite imagery inspired by the experience of astronauts viewing the earth from space. “Sublime” — Village Voice.

One of the founding members of Japan’s famous SAMANYOLU professional belly dance group in Tokyo, Läle went on to a long solo career performing throughout the northeastern USA and touring with United Kingdom’s Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers on over a 100 city tour encompassing the U.K., as well as Turkey’s Baba Zula. About six years ago, she was forced to retire to support her young daughter through a life-threatening medical crisis. Several years later she discovered that she could whirl as a form of prayer to support her daughter and began studying Sufi Dance with Paris-based Sufi Artist Rana Gorgani. In April 2018 Gorgani awarded her the International Sufi Dance Certification Of Cid UNESCO, granting her authority to teach Gorgani’s method of Sufi Dance training. Prior to the pandemic she taught ongoing Sufi Dance classes and led monthly Healing Circles at CRS. For information on private lessons please contact her for details.

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About Sufi Dance

Sufi Dance or Sema (Sama in Iranian) is the ancient practice of meditative whirling. Sema means spiritual listening. In our classes you will learn the techniques of whirling, but Sema is not about reproducing a certain form or aesthetic. Rather, the technique serves as a vehicle for inner journeying. Each class consists of some explanation of the theory and technique, exercises, practice whirling, and sharing and discussion of what you experienced and felt. In our monthly Healing Circles & Whirling Prayer we create a safe space in which we can use our whirling technique to explore and deepen our spiritual practice.


About the Daf (Sufi drum)

The Daf is a big frame drum with lots of rings inside that you can shake when you play for added effect. It is known to be at least 7,000 years old and is an integral part of Sufi and Persian music because of the variety of sounds it can produce and its ability to induce trance. Our classes are a wonderful opportunity to learn to play a magical instrument from a master who learned from masters in Iran. Kamyar has been playing and singing for decades and recently for our Sufi Dance events at CRS when he is in town and taking us ever deeper into the heart.