After many centuries, the brilliance of traditional Japanese music is still being passed on to the present day. Come and experience the sounds of old Japan performed by the acclaimed koto and shamisen player and vocalist Yoko Reikano Kimura and enjoy the taste of the four seasons here in New York. This concert series features each season’s representative traditional works along with colorful and delicate Japanese style confectionaries prepared by Mochi Rin.

Each season is expressed through ingredients. Spring traditionally begins with sakura (cherry blossoms), broccoli rabe, strawberries and raspberries, followed by elderflower, rose, edamame and sansho (Japanese pepper) in summer. As autumn approaches we’ll pick chrysanthemum, apples, grapes, chestnuts and hazelnuts; and yuzu and kumquats in winter…. Even within one season, the taste and the form change gradually from hashiri through nagori.

Past Concerts