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Making the Choice for Peace: a 9/11 Community Gathering — 9/11/14

January 14, 2016 @ 1:39 pm EST

We invite you to join us for an all-faiths evening of guided meditation, guest speakers, Reiki and singing-bowl sound healing, and open-mic sharing around the truth of how much we really yearn to join together in peace.

Opening Remarks
Heart-Centered Healing Meditation by Meryl Vendana Brinin
Talk by CRS Founder and A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Writer/Teacher/Counselor Yasuko Kasaki
Guided Meditation by CRS Director and Healer Christopher Pelham
Talk by Ahmed Tarell, Sufi Healing Circle NYC
Talk by Oriya Pollak, Everyday Shaman & Radio Show Host
Open Mic Sharing
Closing Hands on Healing and Tibetan Singing Bowl Ritual by Meryl Vendana Brinin 

Ahmed Tarell, Sufi Healing Circle NYC

Ahmed is an Imam in the Shadhiliyya Sufi Tariqa and has spoken nationally and internationally on topics of spirituality, healing and peace. His speaking engagements have included The New Theological Seminary, The New School, Hunter College and the various institutions in the Federal Prison system. He has frequently contributed to conferences on Incarceration, PTSD and alternative healing.
Additionally, Ahmed has provided guidance and training to various social service programs on Motivational Interviewing and self-care. 
Ahmed holds a Master’s Degree in Education and has touched hundreds of lives. As a teacher, mentor and healer.  Ahmed speaks on the topics of the role of spirituality, healing, relationships, and world peace. An accomplished teacher, Ahmed moves audiences to find the truth of God within their hearts and to seek their inner guidance in resolving and healing the issues that people face within their lives.
Ahmed leads by example, empowering people — many of whom face challenges similar to his own — to succeed by sharing his personal story. He recognizes people’s barriers, focuses on their strengths, and pushes them to achieve their goals. Tarell was recently awarded the prestigious Citizens Against Recidivism Award for Leadership in Education!
Christopher Pelham, CRS Director & A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Healer
Christopher Pelham is the Director and a co-founder of CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing). He balances his time between overseeing the growth and health of the CRS community, producing arts/cultural/educational events at the Center, and working as a CRS Healer and student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. He has previously also worked in educational publishing and as a web designer, writer/editor, actor (most notably for several seasons with Doris Duke Impact Award Winner Johnny Simons at the Hip Pocket Theatre in Ft. Worth, TX and with artists Richard Bach, Harold Lehmann, and Lake Simons in NYC), producer and videographer. He graduated from Duke University in 1991 with a degree in English. In addition to studying ACIM off and on with Yasuko Kasaki since 2003, he studied the Spiritual Psychology of Acting with London-based teacher John Osborne Hughes and Jay Johnstone-based Improvisation with the late Gloria Maddox.
Meryl Vandana Brinin, Transformational Energy Healer
Vandana (a.k.a Meryl Vandana Brinin) is an Intuitive and Empathic Reiki Master Teacher and Organizer / Facilitator of The NYC Healing Events. She hosts radio shows on various healing modalities. She is also a Vibrational Sound Healer, Vocalist, Shamanic Soul Retrieval Practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Soul Guidance Energy Reader and Deep Emotional Release Practitioner. She incorporates Aromatherapy in her private healing practice as well as Ayurvedic Techniques such as Indian Head Massage (Champissage). She has worked with Deepak Chopra at his healing center in NYC.
Vandana facilitates classes and one-on-one coaching in meditation, psychic development and energy healing to both children and adults on the autistic spectrum to empower and encourage their super psychic abilities with love and respect. Commonly known as Star Children & Indigos, she teaches easy to apply energy healing techniques which have proven to be empowering and have helped many families to understand their Indigo Children by allowing everything without judgement. She helps anyone who feels different from the rest of the planet to trust their intuition while assisting them in navigating this reality with patience & loving kindness.
She lives in Brooklyn, NY and has her own healing practice, teaches energy healing workshops and helps clients over the phone and via skype to empower them to know what they know. Vandana does one-on-one RICH Healing Personal Transformation Sessions over the phone / skype and in-person in Brooklyn, NY, facilitates group tele-classes and provides in-person and distance energy healing services and classes.
Oriya Pollak
Oriya serves as a spiritual resource. He helps bring people back to their hearts and format their lives around what they love. His work as a guide in community gatherings and private sessions revolves around cultivating self-care and presence. Oriya lives in NYC with his wife and son. Visit him at heart.vision (launching soon!) and on Facebook.
Yasuko Kasaki, CRS Founder and A Course in Miracles (ACIM) Writer/Teacher/Counselor
Yasuko Kasaki founded CRS in 2004 in order to provide artists and individuals from all walks of life with opportunities to remember and share their limitless creative energies. She is the author of 15 books in Japanese on A Course in Miracles and is the translator into Japanese of the ACIM Original Edition, the ACIM Workbook, and books by Jon Mundy,  David Hoffmeister, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mari Perron. Seven of her novels and several collections of essays, stories, and photographs have also been published in Japan. She began offering spiritual counseling, reading, instruction and healing to individuals and groups in 1999 and has since worked with more than 1,000 students and clients around the world. In her classes and lectures, Ms. Kasaki teaches the text of ACIM, and through abundant use of meditation and creative visualization, facilitates experiential learning and practice of the concepts of ACIM, and by extension, of channeling, clairvoyance, reading and understanding the dynamics of universal energy, and the essence of spiritual healing. 
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January 14, 2016
1:39 pm EST
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