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EFT Money Mindfulness Mastery Workshop — 11/23–24

January 14, 2016 @ 1:39 pm EST

Are you wanting more training on how to work with abundance issues with your clients? Are you yourself struggling with money or business success? If so, you aren’t alone. Did you know that the vast majority of coaches, alternative health providers, and entrepreneurs will fail in the first few years of launching their practices? Now more than ever the world needs you to shine!
 $395 with $350 Early Bird Special until 10/23/13
Open to the general public and EFT Universe students on the certification track may apply this their second EFT Level II or III requirement.
EFT trainer Alina Frank has been teaching EFT internationally since 2005. Since 2008 Alina has co-facilitated trainings with her husband and brain research aficionado Dr. Craig Weiner. Alina focuses on demonstrating the techniques that have made her the top in the field in her private practice while Craig explains the science-based dynamics that happen from a mindbody perspective. Together they have provided training excellence to their students and mentees.
Attending this workshop has been a real blessing in my life. Craig and Alina are absolutely knowledgeable and authetic in their presentation. I gained insight to the increased use of EFT in my life at neutralizing and eradicating limiting beliefs when it comes to money and relationships. It was truly interesting to see what issues came up from my past and to work on untangling them.

Gary Blandina, Pembroke Pines, FL

Sure, there are ways to educate yourself about your business skills, marketing, and developing your referral network. However, these days (according to top executive and business coaches) the #1 reason people fail to achieve success and prosperity is that they carry erroneous but powerful limiting beliefs. The problem is that it is estimated that 95% of those beliefs are actually beyond conscious awareness – trapped in your subconscious mind and acting on your business choices and decisions without you having a say about them!

What are those beliefs that you don’t even know you have?
How are those beliefs blocking your opportunities to attracting opportunities that result in a profitable business?
What are the steps you need to take to break the pattern of struggle, lack and limitation?

In Money Mindfulness Mastery we teach you to be present to your personal relationship with prosperity in order to transform it. We’ll be sharing the most cutting-edge EFT tapping techniques woven with innovative skill development exercises  that we’ve used both personally and taught to our clients successfully.
This workshop as outstanding! It was my 1st experience with tapping. Even though everyone else was more experienced, Alina and Craig made sure that we understood everything. I am excited about taking other classes and working towards certification. I am a relationship coach and believe this practice will be a great benefit to my coaching clients as they work through their limiting beliefs.

Marianne Oehser, Naples Fl

Other tools include:

An understanding of Money Archetypes and how they are your default programming for how you relate (or don’t!) to money in general
Right Brain Aerobics (C) exercises to unleash your inner mogul
Profound money games to expose all your hidden fears around wealth

If you are doing the work that you want in the world but barely eek out a living (or like many alternative healing arts practitioners/coaches living below the poverty line) then you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to remove these blocks.
Now more than ever the world needs you to shine!
The blocks on money melted away (fear, doubt, can’t) to positive feelings of can do!

Bill Oehser, Naples FL

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November 201323–2410 am – 6 pm


January 14, 2016
1:39 pm EST
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