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Kabuki Workshop (8/6–8)

January 14, 2016 @ 1:39 pm EST

Discover the world of Japanese traditional KABUKI dance and theatre with master performer NAKAMURA SENNOJO.
NAKAMURA SENNOJO has been a member of grand KABUKI troup since 1984, when he became an apprentice to Nakamura Ganjiro (present SAKATA Tojuro, national living treasure).  In 1997, he was promoted to the senior nadai rank of kabuki actors. 
This workshop is being organized by THEATRE JAPAN PRODUCTIONS, INC., under the direction of Kazuki Takase.
Please join Nakamura Sennojo for a rare authentic Kabuki Dance performance at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater / Citi Group Theater on Saturday, Aug 10, 2013 at 8 pm. Nakamura Sennojo will perform dance numbers from the most exquisite pieces of Kabuki theater, including “Shizuka & Tomomori” which is based on the tragic characters from 13th century epic “The Tale of Heike.” Also on the program is a Japanese Taiko Drumming performance by TAIKO MASALA, which is an accomplished Taiko group from New York led by Taiko master Hiro Kurashima. 
During the course of the evening, through the help of interpreters, Sennojo will talk about Kabuki theater and ONNA-GATA (female impersonating) technique.  
*) FIRST DAY Aug 6th, 2pm – 4:30pm
Different styles of acting in Kabuki:
ARAGOTO- rough(tough)style of period pieces 
WA-GOTO— soft, tender style of romantic plays of commoners.
Different characters : 
     strong man—samurai and super heroes
     Villains, who could be strong but vicious and evil
     Young man
     Old man
     Timid funny man
     Young woman
     Married woman
     Noble woman
     Servant woman
     Amorous woman
TASK: How do you show those characters, how do you establish the quality? 
Different styles of walking.
TASK : Walk as those different characters.
ACTIONS and behaviors:
Different behaviors and gestures of different characters.
Various emotional expressions and gestures of specific characters in situations;
TSAK : Improvise in a scene with a choice of a character.
*) SECOND DAY Aug 7th, 2pm -4:30pm
KABUKI DANCE:  learn a section of a female dance such as FUJI-MUSUME, or KAMURO,
TASK : learn a brief sequence of Kabuki Dance with either female or male character style.
Characters in Kabuki:
Scenes with various characters (male, female, samurai, princess, from plays such as Narukami, SHUN_KAN)
TASK: Learn a short section from scenes from famous Kabuki play.
NARUKAMI:  seduction scene of princess TAEMA and Narukami.
*)THIRD DAY Aug 6th, 2pm -4:30pm
KABUKI DANCE:  learn a section of a female dance such as FUJI-MUSUME, or KAMURO,
TASK: present the section of your choice of the Dance
Famous Scenes from Kabuki:  There are famous scene in Kabuki plays because of their various elements in them, whether it’s content of the story or the specific dance or type of actions in the scenes.
TASK: TRY a scene of your choice with a stylization.
You want to try to have the sense of the character with stylization.
The feeling or emotion come from specific movements rather than psychology.
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August 20136 – 8 2 – 5 pm


January 14, 2016
1:39 pm EST
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