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Manifesting Magic: A Spoon Bending Workshop — 7/28

January 14, 2016 @ 1:39 pm EST

We all live in a physical reality that appears to be solid – but how solid is it?
Learn how you can create the physical reality you desire…
This is The Science of Possibility! 
“Go Beyond Your Limitations and Experience Miracles”
Have you heard the term Quantum Physics and don’t really know what it means? Are you intrigued by how the universe and the world around you work?  Do you want to learn the universal principles that will empower you to create the destiny you are looking for?
$75 (all proceeds go to community scholarship fund)
This workshop will provide you with the physical experience and proof that our external reality is not as solid as it seems.  You will learn:
How to change the “solid” world around you and create your own reality
Why miracles are possible, and how you can manifest miracles in your life
How to use your focus and the power of intention to bend spoons and forks
You will feel and witness the physical structure of metal become soft in your hands
You will experience making the impossible… possible!   
Join us for this mind-bending event and incredible life-altering experience.  
Be prepared to be Transformed!    (Silverware will be provided or BYO)
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July 201428 7 – 10 pm


January 14, 2016
1:39 pm EST
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