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Sound Alchymist presents: Crystal Bowl Activations

August 12, 2015 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EDT


Yunji Shin is launching a brand new monthly sound healing performance initiative in the amazing new space called the White Room at CRS. The space has a canyon-shaped ceiling creating sound resonance that echoes powerfully for the ultimate healing experience.

Traverse the unique soundscape of Alchemy crystal bowls, indigenous rattles/shakers, planetary hand chimes, Native American flute and channeled singing/chanting and breathwork. You will not leave the room the same, as your vibrational body shifts to its highest frequency state. We will collectively voyage into a multi-sensory sound journey, as Yunji creates sacred space for you to cleanse, release, and let go.

The human body undergoes daily stress and trauma from the urban landscape, absorbing toxic frequencies and noise pollution such as vehicle engines, honking, airplanes roaring through the sky and computer/cell phone radiation to name a few. Emotional and mental blocks are also held energetically and physically within the body in the form of vibrations. Witness its release after a sound healing session.

Much of quantum physics is now finally proving everything is in a state of vibration including matter, thoughts and consciousness. These are the same concepts the ancients held thousands of years ago which Sound Alchymist is bringing back to the modern world. Experience the re-emerging of ancient technology.

The human body is made up of at least 65% water. A ripple effect takes place when water vibrates – the same as throwing a pebble in the water or placing a bowl of water on top of bass speakers that begin to shake – the same impact occurs within your cellular bodies during a sound healing but with healing frequencies. This non-invasive form of therapy has brought relaxation, pain relief and mental/emotional clarity to some, and to others – transcendental visions and messages.

Sound Alchymist is here to facilitate homeostasis and equilibrium using planetary and Earth frequencies along with indigenous/shamanic sounds and practice.

Sound meditation has also been proven to calm the nervous system, decrease  stress hormones such as cortisol, fight-or-flight response/adrenaline, and increase oxygen flow to the brain and body as studied by medical Western doctors.

Get ready to undergo altered states of consciousness and the micro/macro-cosmic frequencies of the Divine, embodied within all of us.

BIO: Yunji Shin is the Sound Alchymist, certified sound practitioner and healer/channel, using breathwork, channeled voice and singing, Alchemy crystal bowls and various healing instruments as a vehicle to induce deep states of trance. Studying under sound healing pioneer and Grammy-nominated, Jonathan Goldman, she continues to explore other modalities particularly within the shamanic realm, integrating indigenous practice to healing and activating the multi-dimensional body. She is also certified in Acutonics, a planetary tuning fork system used on the meridian points. Returning from a transformational journey in Ireland, her instruments are charged and activated from the sacred and ancient Stone Circles of the Celtic mysteries. She will be going on a sacred sound retreat in August for 16 days on the river of the Grand Canyon to Free her Voice with other singers, sound healers and musicians from around the world – Nature’s amphitheater! Sound Alchymist is here to bring the Sacred back to everyday living.

Exchange: $20 cash at the door


August 12, 2015
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm EDT
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Sound Alchymist


CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
41 E 11th St FL11
New York, NY 10003 United States
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