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Think Act Change: Finding Courage to Quit Your Job and Seek Meaningful Work — 11/2

January 14, 2016 @ 1:39 pm EST

For many of us the thought of leaving the corporate world to do something meaningful can be daunting. CRS & Think Act Change NYC invite you to hear guest Viktoria Harrison share her story of leaving the commercial fashion world to volunteer for charity: water.
Harrison attended the School of Visual Arts and began her career at SuperFad, a NYC design house. Feeling burnt out by her job as a designer, “I started wanting something more. I still believed that design was inherently good…I wanted to apply it to help solve big problems.” Bravely, she quit her day job and embraced the unknown, trusting that her path would become clear.
Viktoria’s humble beginnings with charity: water started with handing out flyers in Union Square. Since then, she has been able to combine her passion with design and become the Director of Brand Management at charity: water.
charity: water is New York based non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. It was founded by Scott Harrison, a former nightclub promoter who uprooted his life to become a photojournalist for Mercy Corp in Africa. When he returned from his trip, he started charity: water — an organization which focuses on providing clean and safe water in developing countries around the world. charity: water is the future of social enterprises. 100% of donations directly fund projects to provide clean water to people in need.
This Meetup is FREE but to show your appreciation for this event you can contribute to our charity: water funding raising group page to help us reach our goal of $500, which will get 25 people clean water!

About CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) and Social Activism
As you may know, CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) is a center for the teaching and practice of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Many people see the Course as being solely about changing the mind rather than behavior, about finding peace in one’s own mind by accepting external circumstances (as being unimportant, indeed unreal) rather than trying to change them. However, the Course also says (in an earlier edition) that once your mind returns to love, 
You now share my inability to tolerate the lack of love in yourself and in everyone else, and must join the Great Crusade to correct it. The slogan for this Crusade is ‘Listen, Learn, and Do.’ This means Listen to My Voice, Learn to undo the error, and do something to correct it. The first two are not enough. The real members of my party are active workers. — A Course in Miracles Urtext (T-1.26).
Therefore, we at CRS actively support all forms of social action that are motivated by love and the goal of undoing the obstacles to love in the world. That starts with changing our own minds by returning our own thoughts to love and then spreads when we help others to do the same.

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November 201323:45 – 5:30 pm


January 14, 2016
1:39 pm EST
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