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ZEN DRAGON Sound Meditation – 6/1

January 14, 2016 @ 1:39 pm EST

Explore and free yourself with the Japanese instrument Zanmaikin.
Embrace the mysterious stroke sounds produced from the Japanese-born metal percussion instrument, Zanmaikin, and the celestial frequencies produced from the Solfeggio Tuner…. You can freely enjoy releasing and resetting your mind and body in this special meditation session. The sounds of the Zanmaikin and Solfeggio Tuner will invite you on a magical journey.
With your eyes closed, they will immediately take you away from the earthly everyday life to the infinite cosmic space, yet at the same time, you will find nostalgic, safe and warm feelings in this unworldly journey, as if you were back in your mother’s womb.
Join our meditation session, letting the worldly thoughts and all sorts of worries drift away, and just look into the peaceful surface of the holy spring deep within your heart, and feel it… Just feel it…
…With your inner little dragon.
Email : zendragon@healingwave.jp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/626406494119881/
Admission Fee: $10
Unique metal percussion instrument made of iron/ pure titanium, created by Mr. Tomoaki Kawakami, a Japanese smithy based in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. Kawakami got the inspiration to create this special instrument from the offhand remark of a shaman whom he had met in Bali. As the Zanmaikin is manually produced, piece by piece at Kawakami’s studio in Ishikawa, every single piece produces a different tone.
【Solfeggio Tuner】
Special tuning forks used for healing purpose. These forks are tuned to the Solfeggio frequencies, which were used in ancient Gregorian chants including “Saint John’s Hymn.”
The celestial frequencies produced from the Solfeggio Tuners are said to have a healing effect on us, and to regain the harmony of chakra balance, acting on each cell of one’s body as well as on the surrounding auric field to cleanse away the blocks which prevent the healthy energy flow.
About Reservation:
No reservation is required to join our meditation session, though we can reserve seat for you and for your friends if you want. Just let us know.
Reservation and Questions About the Session:
Email zendragon@healingwave.jp
The beautiful sound of the Solfeggio Tuner attracted and led Chigusa into the world of the Tuner Healing Practitioner. After completing the SomaEnergetics™ training course, she started her career as a Tuner Therapist in 2007. Later, she came to know the Zanmaikin created by the Ishikawa-based smithy “Tomoaki Kawakami” and since then, she has been offering the original sound session as a Sound Resonance Therapist. Chigusa also co-hosts the uniquely organized “Sound & Candle Night” event with an up-and-coming Japanese Candle Creator, Takami, featuring Solfeggio Tuners and the Zanmaikin along with Takami’s beautiful and unique candles. The event is well-received in various areas in Japan.

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June 201416 – 8 pm


January 14, 2016
1:39 pm EST
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