It’s been a wild week, hasn’t it?! We hope that you and your families are safe. While there have been and continue to be many disruptions, we have also witnesses many acts of kindness and cooperation, and many miracles. Disruptions are always prime time for exercising your miracle minds to bring peace to one another!
Because of continuing disruptions to transportation, we are going to cancel the ACIM Spiritual Reading Classes this Monday and Tuesday nights (Nov 5 – 6).
However, we still invite you to come practice (or learn about) Spiritual Reading during our Healing Clinics, which are still on for 7 – 8 pm each of those nights. If we need more time to practice or for answering questions, we can extend the session for awhile. This way, we should finish up much earlier and everyone should have an easier time getting back home.
Because of this change, there will be no class fee, but as always you are welcome to make a donation.
If you can’t make it, you can listen to a sampling of Yasuko’s recent guided meditations here:
Miyoko will teach Spiritual Reading Nov 12 and possibly Nov 19, and Makiko will teach on Nov 13 and possibly Nov 20, and then Yasuko will return to teaching A Course in Miracles from the book as usual!