Healing and Event Space Rentals

CRS Lobby

CRS Lobby with art installation by Clouds AO

CRS rents out its two private session rooms and three studios (and occasionally its entire space including lobby for larger or private events) by the hour and by the day, as well as on a weekly ongoing basis.

The Center serves therapists, healers, coaches, lecturers, instructors and certification programs from all over the world, as well as meetup groups, support groups, and arts groups.

CRS also hosts photo and video shoots, film screenings, live dance/music/theatre performances, healing fairs, non-profit organization events, and even baby showers.

We work hard to maintain the Center’s “good energy” so that everyone can enjoy it. We strive to treat all of our clients as equals, creating no “special relationships” with anyone, charging everyone the same publicized fees without negotiation, and enforcing our regulations in the same way with everyone, strictly and fairly, so that different groups can work alongside each other without complaint. We hope that we can assist you in sharing your light with the world!

First Time Renters

Call (212-677-8621) or email our front desk staff to schedule an appointment to come in for a brief orientation and register. If you are out of town, orientation can be conducted by phone and email.


Named by Homes to Love as one of nine yoga studios around the world “that achieve design nirvana,” our White Room accommodates yoga classes of 18 students & seated lectures or workshops of up to 20 or more, and is ideal for meditation, healing, daytime photo shoots, video presentations, even intimate concerts.

“During meditation, one leaves behind everyday reality to enter into an empty space, free from pressure, desires and needs. Yoga focuses attention internally, concentrating on movement and breathing. We decided the form of the space should recede and disappear, as if a fog had entered the space and obscured its limits.” — CLOUDS ARCHITECTURE

CRS 3rd Fl White Room Foyer, photo by GION

White Room Foyer

CRS 3rd Fl White Room, photo by GION

White Room (18′ x 18′)


These rooms are set up to seat three and several additional folding chairs and small folding tables can be brought in to accommodate small meetings or intimate lecture classes as well. The 3rd FL room has two windows that can be opened and its sofa can allow for clients to lie down for hypno-therapy or craniosacral work, etc. With added folding chairs or seating on the floor, the 2nd FL Therapy Room can seat six and the 3rd FL Therapy Room can seat eight.

2nd FL Therapy Room

2nd FL Therapy Room (10′ x 10′)

3rd Floor Therapy Room

3rd FL Therapy Room (9′ x 12′)


The Healing Room is a flexible space that is used for massage-table based healing work, for mat-based classes of up to 8 students, for meetings and workshops of 20–30 people seated, for private and semi-private dance lessons, and even for film screenings.

The Studio can seat up to 75 for lectures and can accommodate 30 yoga mats. A marley dance floor is available for dance, and a PA system with high quality wired and wireless mics, ceiling-mounted HD video projector with large screen and color changing theatrical lighting are available as well.

CRS 2nd FL Healing Room

2nd FL Healing Room (12′ x 24′)

CRS 2nd FL Studio

2nd FL Studio (18′ – 23′ x 36′)