Equipment & Furnishings

All five rooms have individually controllable dimmable lighting and air conditioning/heating.

Sound systems and one portable video projector (VGA input) are available for use in any room at no additional cost as well.

95 folding chairs (typically 55 in the 2nd FL Studio, 20 in the 2nd FL Healing Room and 20 on the 3rd floor), six rectangular folding tables and eight smaller round folding tables are available for use between the rooms.

Two massage tables and one Feldenkrais table are available for use in the White Room, Healing Room and Studio.

43 yoga mats, 39 blankets, 36 blocks, two bolsters, two foam rollers and 11 straps are also available for use between the rooms.

Two wall-mounted ballet barres and three portable barres are in the 2nd FL Studio. The portable barres may be used in the Healing Room as well. A Harlequin marley dance floor may be quickly unrolled for use in the Studio.


Ceiling-mounted Panasonic 720p HD video projector
Oppo Blu-Ray player (plays Blu-Ray discs and up-converts DVDs to 720p)
Da-Lite 87″ x 139″ Model C ceiling-mounted projection screen

Yamaha P-95B Digital Piano and stand with pedal
Yamaha MG166CX 16 Channel Mixer With Compression and Effects
2 JBL EON-10 powered speakers with tripod stands
2 Shure Beta 58A wireless dynamic vocal mics
1 Shure Beta 58A wired dynamic vocal mic
1 Shure SM57 dynamic vocal mic
1 GT Convertible condenser vocal/instrument mic
1 Shure SM81 condenser instrument mic
1 Shure SM7B vocal/studio mic
2 mic stands (and one floor/table mic stand)
4 music stands (one solid black stand and three folding silver stands)
CD player with pitch control

Theatrical Lighting
American DJ Stage Setter 8 lighting control board
2 Source 4 Jr ellipsoidal lights (one hung on each corner pipe)
4 fresnels (one hung on each corner pipe, two available for use on the floor)
2 color changing lights (one hung on each corner pipe)
several small “birdy” lights are installed around the upper perimeter of the Studio; only one if currently cabled to the light board.