The pandemic brought about changes for many people. Here at CRS, most of our ACIM programming moved online, and we went from being open to the public for 78+ hours a week to being open only for the occasional in-person gathering. We miss seeing many of you who used to come regularly, but at the same time, we now have room to get out a lot more and see many of you elsewhere, including many of the wonderful artists who inhabit our city and world. The members of our staff also now have more time to write. And so we’re happy to announce the launch of an arts blog/magazine, only love ART, in order to spotlight some of the artists of depth and substance who inspire us.

Rather than publishing reviews as such, we’ll be writing about the myriad creative ways artists and art works call attention to the invisible and overlooked as they strive to bring darkness to the light and remind us that love lives in each of us. In short, we’ll be writing about artists we encounter whom we think matter and why. We’ve started with writing on music and art and we’ll likely continue to focus on those, at least for now, but it’s very possible that we will also look at film, literature, and other genres in the future. We hope you will find these articles, interesting, helpful and inspiring, and we look forward to receiving any comments or feedback you’d like to share.