After almost 20 years at our cherished home at 123 4th Ave in Manhattan, CRS is moving! This month is the last the we will spend in the Clouds AO-designed White Room, which was named one of “9 yoga studios that achieve design nirvana” by Homes to Love and which has shaped so many classes, workshops, concerts, healings, and community events over the years.

From April, we’ll be working out of a private office in a large co-working space above Ootoya restaurant at 41 E 11th St and University, just a couple of blocks away from our current home. There is a conference room/event space there, as well as a lounge, so we will be able to continue to host our Healing Clinics and certain classes there. We will also continue to produce concerts and other events at other venues from time to time, as we are already doing.

Please join us in celebrating the White Room at our final events there:  a Meditation & Sound Bath on March 16 at 6pm and a Meditation and Healing Clinic on March 24 at 12pm, followed by a moving out sale and reception. If you cannot make the Healing Clinic, you can still come by after, from 2 pm for the moving out sale and reception. We have to find new homes for a variety of furnishings, equipment, supplies, etc., and we would love to see your shining faces and hear about your favorite memories of the space!