We are very happy to announce that, following a successful run in the 2022 New Ohio Theatre Ice Factory Summer Festival, playwright Soomi Kim’s Body Through Which the Dream Flows has now been selected to open the fall season at the Off Broadway theater The Tank from September 22 – October 15! As you may know, the play’s development was supported, in part, by a grant from CRS. Tickets are on sale now here.

Directed by Kim and Meghan Finn, this dance/theater/gymnastics piece intersects Kim’s personal history as a veteran gymnastics coach, the aftermath of the USA Gymnastics / Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal, and the deconstruction of the sport’s governing body, with significant textual and movement contributions from the ensemble of six competitive teen and pre-teen gymnasts:  Nora Avci, Olivia Caraballoso, Ai Clancy, Madison Rodriguez, Margaux Scandura, and Shayna Wilson. It’s extremely rare if not unique for a play to explore such mature themes with a cast including children and adults that gives the children a real and equal voice and opportunity to be themselves, or at least a version of themselves of their own choosing, and that makes this play especially compelling and powerful and important. It’s also the first play to explore this subject matter, and though its focus is the relationship and culture between coaches and children in gymnastics, the questions that it raises can clearly be asked of many other kinds of relationships and situations where there is an imbalance of power and trust is required while undertaking something inherently difficult and at times dangerous and intimate.

The creative team features sound design by Zeke Stewart, with Alexandra Beller as Choreography Consultant, and Sarah Gancher serving as Dramaturg. Photo by David Keon.