Using thread, glass, paper towels, rolling papers, cheap gauze, pencil shavings and even water bugs, Chris de Boschnek presents different forms of the fragile. He combines these humble materials to convey a certain type of feeling, not only visually but also in the making process. Some pieces are held under pressure with tourniquets. If you were to cut the tourniquet, everything would come apart: all parts are held together under tension. The pieces are metaphorical and visceral—they engage us physically. They demonstrate the fragility of our own construction.
— poet Shelley Stenhouse

Chris de Boschnek had a solo show at CRS in 2010. He has previously exhibited at the Louver Gallery, Betty Parsons Gallery, and UNFINISHED Gallery in New York City and at Hallwalls in Buffalo, NY, among others. His work has appeared in the book Inconsolable: An Exhibition About Painting by Dan Cameron & the Louver Gallery.