Born in New York and raised in Tokyo, Erika Mizukami has been drawing since 2010.

After experiencing self-hypnosis and guided meditation several years ago, Erika started experiencing beautiful visions every night as she was lying down. Images were like the ones in a kaleidoscope, vast, spacious, unlimited, smooth, a continuation of simple motifs within a slow movement. She was fully aware of her surroundings, never tired from sleepless nights, leaving her with a clear mind and emotional detachment.

Fully connected with the presence of Love, Freedom, and Stillness, Erika explored the idea of capturing these images and wanted to share with others not only the images but the senses of healing she had in the experience. Drawing them on a sketchbook with a pencil was not an accurate way of sharing them.

A year after, she met a Mandala artist who recommended to her a book on how to draw a mandala. The instructions of drawing were so complicated for Erika, so she placed the mandala interactions away and started playing with a compass to draw one simple circle in many ways. She loved it! However it was not quite yet able to reflect her visions.

During the same year Erika took a course on Metaphysical Science. She had an assignment of expressing emotions in art. She picked oil pastels to do the project. It struck her! Since then she uses oil pastels and compass to draw the images. “When I scratched off the line, the color appears underneath of black coated paper. It’s like the light appears in the dark.”

Even though her artwork does not exactly mirror the images she sees in her mind, “What I have experienced with drawing these particular artworks is far beyond my imagination. I just took inspired action every each moment to create shape and even choosing color.”

These artworks are teaching and guiding Erika in so many different aspects of understanding meaning in life and leading her to the original pure essence. When she completes a piece, she looks at it with completely detachment, neither like nor dislike, leaving her for a couple of days with an empty mind, no sense of judgment but deep love and joy!

Relationship with all my creation is just being a witness of a process of unfolding flowers. When you see beauty in nature you go speechless, with no words to express, a kind of shock, all thoughts and emotions become powerless and fade a way and I replace them with total acceptance, being fully connected with something beyond my five senses

Realizing that her art invites the viewers to the experience of reuniting with the universe as a whole, Erika has been creating her artworks for people across any boundaries.

“Creativity enriches my life. I love to inspire people and let them know how life is enjoyable just by taking a little time with the creativity we are all born with!”