More than 80 people showed up at CRS Friday night for a standing-room-only multi-media presentation by Pace Univ. professor and anti-nuclear activist Chris Williams about the current situation in Fukushima, Japan. The event was co-organized by Shut Down Indian Point Now! and Abolition 2000 NY Metro, and numerous members of the media and other activist groups attended and made announcements as well. 
Abolition 2000, a global network to eliminate nuclear weapons, is organizing human chains against chain reactions around the world. There are peace marchers trekking from Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power plant down to New York and Indian Point. A permit has been reserved for a 3/11 demonstration in Union Square Park by the 311 group against nuclear power, which is being co-organized by various Japanese and American activist groups. There will also be a March to Liberate Our Bodies and a No More Fukushimas Peace Walk. Other events are in the works. 
CRS’ own event observing the one-year anniversary will be Saturday, 3/10 at 8 pm: an evening of stories about 3/11 told by you, the audience, and acted out live by Big Apple Playback Theatre.

Prof. Williams is the author of Ecology and Socialism and has written a number of articles about his visit to Fukushima including:
Radiation and Life Cannot Go Together
Christmas in the Radiation Zone