Su was born in 1970 in Iwate prefecture in Japan and lives as a transsexual. He is half way through a journey to discover what is the “essence of living.” Even though he has been familiar with pictures since his childhood, one of Picasso’s pictures gave him a shock when he saw it in his art text book in his junior high school.
It gave him the message that “It’s ok to draw free! It’s ok to live free!” and it freed him from the belief that drawing should be realistic.

After he grew up, Su established his career as a nurse. But he couldn’t stop his enthusiasm for drawing pictures and expressing himself creatively. From 2003 he started to study art design by taking correspondence courses through Kyoto University of Art and Design and to learn western painting by correspondence through Musashino Art University. As he continued to focus his investigations on what is the essence of living, he began to bring DNA and crystals into his artworks. He also began producing self-portraits. Su believes that Art can have a universal meaning and connect with people across borders. He has been dreaming of exhibiting his art works in a foreign gallery so as to communicate with people all over the world. Participating in the CRS gallery exhibition in 2015 is a first step for him to find one of the answers of his journey.

In 2012 : Won a Iwate Art Festival’s President award
In 2008 : Won a Iwate Art Festival award
In 2005 : Won a Morioka Art Festival award

Exhibition History
In 2015 : Group exhibition of Iwate TV and Group exhibition of Sendai Media Park
In 2014 : Group exhibition of Iwate TV
In 2013 : Group exhibition of Iwate TV
In 2012 : Group exhibition of Iwate TV
In 2011 : Group exhibition of Iwate TV
In 2010 : Group exhibition of “Hatten Go” in the Numata museum in Tokyo
In 2008 : Group exhibition of “Hatten Go” in the gallery Bun Bun in Obihiro, Hokkaido
In 2000 : Participated with Es Do Alt exhibition

Su has been participating in many exhibitions.
His art works have been selected continuously by Nikakai Art Exhibition since 2011.

He will continue his journey internationally and domestically until he find his “Essence” via art works.