Keiko Nelson is a San Francisco-based artist who has earned international recognition through exhibitions and lectures in the United States, Japan, Germany, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Egypt, Thailand, China and Mexico.

Ms. Nelson has been working with “Wave” series for many years with different mediums. Her new works are quite unique in a sense that their abstract forms create very interesting ancient patina-like surfaces. Animated images reflect Hokusai graphics and echo Ms. Nelson’s eastern heritage.

Her works features the subtle flow of natural force. They have been described by the Curator Emeritus of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco as a “unique fusion of the East and West, the retrospective and the progressive with the delicate and the dynamic.”

Ms. Nelson freely intermixes cast paper, branches, metal, feathers, and stone. She always strives to communicate with her audience so that viewers can experience the sensual texture of her artwork. She works with many different materials such as clay, bronze, glass, paper, mixed media, etc. Lately, she has become interested in more organic installation works to express and translate her sense of space and environment into art.

She was an artist in residence at the University of Chiapas in Mexico for the International Sculpture Symposium, and was given a grant for a one - person exhibition by the Ministry of Culture in Egypt. In 2002, she received the Artistic Achievement Award, sponsored by the Pollock-Krasner Foundation of New York, for her artistic expressions, which expanded beyond fine art and into the field of design.

Her solo show “Echo from the East” was presented at CRS in 2008.