Marianne Gunther is a New York State- licensed creative art psychotherapist in private practice here at Center for Remembering and Sharing, New York City. In addition to her private practice, Marianne is a member of the psychiatric creative art therapy team of Woodhull Medical Center, providing individual and group art therapy services for patients on the medical detoxification unit. Fueled by her commitment to support children facing grief, Marianne is a bereavement group facilitator for A Caring Hand: The Billy Esposito Foundation.

In this exhibition, Marianne reveals her “reflected reverie,” passionately painted images of sky, landscapes, portraits, moments of private reverie, when distinctions between reality and perception soften.  Drawing upon Tibetan practices of Shinay and Prajna Paramita, Jon Kabot -Zinn’s mindful meditation and Carl Jung’s active imagination, each image reflects her practice of meditating “with open eyes.” All paintings were created in water based oil paint on cotton canvas. All original paintings are for sale. Reproductions will be available after Jan 9th 2015 on Redbubble.

Marianne received her B.F.A. from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts University, Boston, her Masters in art therapy from Pratt Institute and is currently a candidate for psychoanalysis at the Institute for Expressive Analysis, New York. A graduate of the Emma Willard School, in 1999, she was awarded Outstanding Young Alumna award, in recognition of her achievements in creative art psychotherapy. Marianne’s essay: “The one word we knew” was one of eleven essays featured in Defining Moments for Therapists (pp. 149-153). New York, NY: Life Sherpa.