Marvin Rosenberg was born in New York City.  As a teenager he started to draw and paint. When he was 21, he met a man who greatly influenced the course of his life, named Sam Spanier. Sam was a successful artist who started an ashram based upon the teachings of the Indian mystic Sri Aurobindo. It was Sam who introduced Marvin to Yoga and Meditation and encouraged him to continue painting and pursue all the aspects of his being. He studied Modern Dance and choreography, performing and presenting his own work in NYC. He studied Hatha Yoga and was asked to teach a basic yoga class, which became known as Gentle Yoga. He has been teaching gentle yoga for the past 20 years and currently teaches this class at CRS every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

“I am trying to express something higher,

some state of intuition, some state of realization,

an atmosphere we can all enter,

of calmness, of wideness.

A place where we can experience the delight of being.”