Meeke Mutter is an emerging artist from The Netherlands. She is well known for her beautiful and colorful abstract figurative dance art. She works in acrylic, small works. You will find artists in pretty dresses and with long legs on her canvas like Tina Turner, Natalie Porter, Polina Semionova, The Andrews Sisters or Ella Fitzgerald. Her backgrounds are wild and subtle at the same time. She also makes abstract watercolors. To her it is all about the beauty of dance, colors and abstract calligraphy.

Meeke started with ballet at the age of 8 and later switched to competitive track and field in 100 meters. She has been in NYC for 4.5 years and studies ballet and voice, and paints. She started with abstract watercolors in 1998. She graduated from the Free University in Amsterdam in Culture, Organization and Management (Social Sciences) and worked for several years as a communication consultant in The Hague.

When it was impossible to find a dance poster of her liking, she decided to paint her own and so began her dance art.”