Nobu was born in Kamakura City and lived right in front of Kanagawa Modern Museum. During her elementary school years, she loved to visit the museum and even explored neighborhood galleries on her own. After winning an international student art competition and showing great promise, her mother offered to send her to art school, but Nobu instead chose to study economics at Rikkyo University. However, she remained somewhat involved in the arts and was especially inspired during that time by her older classmate Mr. Yoh Eiji. Mr. Eiji came from a family of talented and successful artists but like Nobu, he ultimately decided to embark on a career in business.

For eight years after college, Nobu worked in the fashion industry and after moving to New York with her husband, himself a talented interior architectural designer, she planned to open a wedding design business, but the birth of her son led her to change directions once again. When her son turned five, they attended a SAORI weaving workshop at CRS, sparking her interest in fiber arts. A reunion last year with her school friend, Yoh, whom she found had begun painting again, inspired her to throw herself back into it. She began training regularly at Yukako Satone’s SAORI center uptown and soon began to develop her own style.