Chakra Clearing Sound Meditation

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) 41 E 11th St FL11, New York, NY, United States

Join us to enjoy an evening of meditation and chakra clearing group vocal toning for healing and shifting vibrations. A place to sit in a high vibration, to ground your energies and bring yourself into alignment and balance. Come and connect to your heart and inner voice with divine connection and be with All That Is.

The evening will include breathing exercises, guided visualization, chakra clearing ceremony and group toning meditation. Amaia will guide you to use your breathing, intention, visualization and imagination to bring yourself into alignment with Source. Finally there will be an opportunity for you to experience a relaxing sound bath. A “Sound Bath” enables you to forget the world for a time and sink into an ocean of healing sound waves. You will also get to enjoy the sound of beautiful Alchemy crystal bowl, Amaia’s Sound Healing Music and Vocal. These high vibrational sound waves will awaken every cell and organ in your body. This deep relaxation experience will enhance the well being of the mind, body and spirit system which will soothes your heart, stimulate peace, love and joyful emotions.