Last minute registration is now available for the Qi-Yo Yoga Annual Retreat in Puerto Rico! Experience the Galactic Alignment with us in the beautiful Caribbean!
December 21st, 2012 – January 3rd, 2013 
We hope you can join us during this retreat! It is an amazing time to be alive during this cosmic shift! Consider getting away from your everyday life and come meditate, breath deeply, and practice yoga with Qi-Yo!
For more information or to sign up,
or call 917 402 0717!
Qi-Yo Multi-Yoga System 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
Our  yoga teacher training is also around the corner! Licensed by the American Yoga Alliance and the Asian Yoga Federation, it will happen January 14th – March 8th in Auroville, India! So far we have 4 Americans, 2 Europeans, and 6 Aurovilians who have signed up! We are very excited and grateful to share the magic of yoga with all of you!  BE THE NEXT TO SIGN UP: email us at:
Qi-Yo Yoga Workshop in Boston
Our Students in Boston have invited the Qi-Yo Yoga system to hold a workshop on December 15th & 16th:
Join us !
Qi-Yo Yoga  Youtube Channel
Lastly: We have officially launched our you-tube channel with our 1st yoga video! Subscribe to our channel today!