From the ancient, legendary times to the modern day of vulgar materialism, the knowledge of Heart Wisdom became almost extinct. This Wisdom is not a rationalism of our linear mind. It cannot be explained like any other type of thinking. This wisdom is beyond words, mind created ideals, conclusions, and even emotions. This Silent Primordial wisdom comesto our physical heart directly from the Great Mother of Everything.
Oct 26, 2012  – Lecture 7:30 – 9:30 pm, $25
Mini-workshop “Purification and Retrieval of Fullness of the Soul”
Purity of Soul returns us to the fresh, clear, joyful perception of the world and expands consciousness. Participants will be able to discover the inner source for purification, healing and transformation of Self to live authentic lives.
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Dr. Elena Loboda, PhD is a wisdom keeper of the ancient Veddik tradition of the Northern Lineages of Arctic Gaia. An M.S. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in the field of Brain Neurochemistry, Dr. Elena Loboda synthesizes her advanced scientific knowledge with extensive studies in Buddhist, Hindu, Bon and Yogic traditions at monasteries and ashrams in the Himalayas and Tibet. She has also trained with Siberian shamans, Taoist and Sufi masters. Dr. Loboda has conducted independent research on the ancient knowledge of Hyperborean lineage in Russia and the Native American Shamanic heritage.