Shisui’s art has most recently appeared in the famous spiritual magazine “Yugahul.”

Also in 2013, her work was included in the book Anatanimmo kototama no kiseki ga segue okiru by Mr Sakuraba Masahumi and in the web magazine TrinityWeb.

Last year, she appeared on the popular web programs

★Shisui Web Site

★Shisui Blog

Artist Statement

I felt in the days of my childhood that human beings were connected by their subconscious but that as we became socialized, we were brainwashed by llusion and forgot that we all are beings that are splendid with perfection. As an adult, I worked for more than ten years as a web designer and director, but gradually I came to think that I’d like to express through my art work that “The soul of all people is beautiful and life is a trip of returning to love(= God).” And then I came across the Japanese ancient letters. So I’ve started my work. I hope my arts are useful for your happiness. — Shisui