Teo Yamamoto has been living in New York City since 1989. She has been producing and publishing a variety of art and has been involved as visual artist, designer, poet and writer with many projects based in New York and Tokyo.

Two of her books of poems were published in Japan:  “running God” and “blue elf weed.” Also, her series of chapbooks titled “The tail” has been issued quarterly for four years. The latest chapbook called “CODE” is being issued in conjunction with the exhibition at CRS Gallery. The series of her visual poetry called “breath” was published in the poetry magazine “gui.”

Teo has been producing the series of white line drawings since 2007.


From childhood through my teenage years, I received many awards for my drawings and pictures, which made my young heart happy. I was delighted with it and went to art college. I dived into raucous times after graduation, working on visual design by day and rolling music at night. Later, I moved to New York and turned to the quiet life. I wrote and wrote as I kept walking, and created again. And one day, during a disquieting time in my life, swinging between hope and despair, I found a paintbrush couched in a crack in the pavement downtown. I had buried that brush at the bottom of my pocket for such a long time, but now the raccoon was out of the bag. Since then, I have been drawing these and those.