As you probably know by now, on December 27, 2013 Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, who perhaps more than anyone has been responsible for the spread of A Course in Miracles, left his body. has collected and posted numerous tributes to this beautiful and inspriing teacher, including among them the remembrences of CRS Founder Yasuko Kasaki. You can find them all on the web site here and for your convenience we are re-posting Yasuko’s words below:
Ken came to NYC to gave a weekend lecture at Fordham University in 2008. I believe it was his last lecture in NYC. Most of the audience were from ASP, the Association of Spirituality and Psychotherapy, which organized the lecture.
I was a member of ASP at the time and had already been dedicated to the Course for over 13 years. I was so excited to finally see Ken.
Friday morning, the second day of the lecture, I found that the subway line in my neighborhood was not running. I couldn’t find any available cab for a while because everyone was taking cabs that morning. When I finally caught one, time was running out. Then my cab ran into a street fair and was stuck in gridlock.
I was upset for a while. I didn’t want to miss any part of Ken’s talk. I also didn’t want to show myself as a rude student to Ken. I wanted to be a good attendant at his lecture.
Then I remembered, “Wait, Yasuko. Again? You wanted to be a remarkable daughter and student your entire childhood to please your parents and teachers. You wanted to stop it. It was one of the biggest reason you started to study the Course. Stop it. And surrender the thought about being late to Holy Spirit.”
I could relax. No worries. Instead, I started conversing with the driver and enjoyed the ride. I thought I would be really tardy, but I somehow arrived at the venue only 15 minutes late.
When I stepped in the lecture hall, the lights turned on. Until that moment, something had been wrong with the electrical system and the lecture hall, full of 1 50 students and Ken at the front, had been patiently waiting in the dark.
Ken said, “Ah, we can start now.” Then, he saw I was walking to a vacant seat and said, “Ohayo! [=Good morning! In Japanese] You gave us a starting signal.” Yes, Ken welcomed this late student with such a kind humor!
On that day, at lunch time, I witnessed Ken and Jon Mundy talking closely and intimately (candidly) as if they were actual brothers. Jon introduced me to Ken.
Several years later, I received a letter from Ken regarding my Course lesson guidebook, which was about to be published in Japan. Both his manner of talking with me in person and his written correspondence with me were very warm, frank and openhearted. I believe everyone who interacted with him had the same experience.
For the past 20 years, which is the number of years I’ve been dedicated to the Course, I have always felt that Ken was the strict teacher who was leading us to miracles, not to magic. I really appreciate his teaching. I could check my compass all the time because Ken was pointing out the North Star all the time for me.
And yet, when I heard the news of his body’s passing, I realized that I had not known him at all. It’s not because I didn’t have many opportunities to see him in person.
I had to correct my mind because I heard that “Ken got sick and passed.” I repeated so in my mind again and was upset. “Ken got sick and passed,”
No, he didn’t. “Ken is now gone.” No, he isn’t.
It’s simply because he was not here from the beginning.
Ken is not a being who used to be in NY and moved to California, and is now not on this earth. He is not a being who is moving around, nor coming and going.
As I said, I met him at Fordham University on 2008. I thought so. But it was not Ken. Ken was/is/will be everywhere. Ken was/is/will be in my mind.
After he passed, I am becoming closer and closer to him. I am feeling him stronger and stronger in my mind. I see him everywhere. I especially see open-mindedness and generosity. Whenever I feel it, I have to stop whatever I am doing for a moment because I am overwhelmed by it.
I am now slowly getting to know him and receive him. Of course, it was Ken to teach me this—all relationships start as a special relationship, but you should correct your mind and see a holy relationship with the person.
Ken, thank you very much. We are your students and are demonstrating your teaching through the experience of accepting you, love itself. Ken, I now truly accept that I don’t need to be a good student, just because I am a happy student of you.
Yasuko Kasaki