Artist Statement
Plants have always seemed to be very close to me since I was a child.  Without recognizing it, I started taking photos and naturally I became a photographer specializing in pictures of plants. Gradually I noticed that I always felt the affection and graciousness of the plants while taking photos, and started to want to try to transform the plants’ energy of love into light through photography. At the same time I started to talk to the plants when taking photos saying, “Please let me deliver your love to those who need it.”

Having seen visitors to my photo exhibition shed tears while looking at my photos, it became certain to me that the wave of love of plants can be passed on to us human beings, and I decided to deliver the love of plants all over the world through photography.  As a start, I have launched this ‘Love Planet Project’ in New York through this photo exhibition at CRS.

yukko* was born and raised in Sapporo, Japan. She became interested in different cultures when she saw a lot of foreign guests at the winter Olympic games in her hometown when she was a child. She kept this interest in the world and became an English translator at the local government after she studied at Kings College, London. During her career as a translator she came to understand the cultural diversity as well as re-recognizing the spiritual nature of Japanese people.

After being transferred to the suburbs to work as a government staff member in charge of tourism, she started to take photographs as a part of her work. Before long she became absorbed in photography and came to recognize that photos reflect what the photographer sees and feels.
She experienced depression during her career in government and decided to quit and start her new career as a photographer based in Osaka. Now she holds photo exhibitions in various places in Japan as well as photo classes and portrait shooting.  She also works as a personal fashion-consultant and also as a singer.  She is an integrated artist supporting people to live honestly according to their nature.